ART© Testimonials

ART Testimonials

“My internist recommended Brooke and ART. A specific traumatic event (car accident) resulted in recurrent flashbacks and nightmare-interrupted sleep. ART works! Specifically and scientifically—neither woo-woo nor magically—this therapy works. Surprisingly fast (accelerated), too. Brooke, by training, buttressed by a warm, professional demeanor, is a perfect guide through ART. It was a comfortable, cooperative process. Relaxing and safe. Also interesting. The result? Not one single flashback or nightmare has plagued me since the ART sessions with Brooke. Not one. My fight-or-flight clenched fists relaxed; my brow unwrinkled. In effect, I got my pre-event self back. I am extremely grateful.” -Melissa R.

“My experience with ART was transformative. I had been haunted by debilitatingly intrusive images and sounds in the days following a traumatic event. I was desperate for relief so when ART was suggested I made an appointment with the bare minimum of research. I had no solid expectations of success or failure either way. To my surprise and relief though, the work seemed to bear results even while I was still in the chair, and the days that followed the session proved to be exactly as Brooke described.  The images and sounds were faded, muted, opaque and all intrusive qualities were gone. I could see the event if I worked to conjure it, but it seemed so far away; there was no need to draw it out. Several weeks later now, I feel as if things have been actually processed and transformed vs. shoved down or boxed up. I’m calmer, easier. I’m not haunted anymore.” – Nina G.

“I have been working with Brooke for about two years. Recently she introduced me to ART and I’m very pleased she suggested it.  I find it fascinating how you can rewrite the script so the flashbacks and ‘movies’ in your head are more enjoyable and controllable. I have struggled for years with flashbacks and triggers, and ART seems to be helping me get to the root of my issues at an accelerated rate more so than talk therapy. I find ART to be life changing, and it is relieving me of my constantly depressed state. ART is giving me the tools to have control over my life and thoughts, and I feel much less burdened by events and memories of my past. I highly recommend ART with Brooke for anyone who needs a push to have helpful breakthroughs.”  -Anna R.

“My experience with Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) with Brooke was incredibly powerful. I feel like I made a tremendous amount of progress in just a few visits. I went from not being able to be in alone or in certain spaces without feeling incredibly uncomfortable and quite triggered by noises, to feeling more and more confident and at ease to be physically in those spaces. Even though the memory and triggers of what happened are still there, they don’t consume me, and Brooke gave me some strategies for how to manage those feelings when they arise. I wholeheartedly recommend ART with Brooke!” – Jane F.

“When I first heard of ART therapy, I was a little skeptical. I didn’t fully understand how it worked and the concept seemed almost too good to be true. However, when I sat down for my first session with Brooke, she explained everything in a clear manner so that I could feel comfortable and relaxed. She created a warm environment where I felt I could take the time to fully heal myself. After only two sessions, I immediately noticed a difference in how my body felt and reacted when I thought about what triggered me. Despite my doubts, Brooke exceeded my expectations and truly helped overcome what I had been struggling with.” – Kate T.

“Brooke Bralove was recommended by my primary care doctor, and I had several Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) sessions with her to deal with recent and past trauma. I had been moderately to severely depressed for 18 months despite taking several medications and doing talk therapy. Although I was initially a bit skeptical about ART, my first session resulted in a substantial and sustained improvement in my mood and outlook. Subsequent sessions had an even more beneficial impact on my mood and I felt, for the first time in 18 months, free of depression and genuinely happy.” -Henry P.

“Brooke is a very skilled and empathetic therapist, and I felt very comfortable and trusting with her. She guided me patiently to get me to accustomed to and up to speed with ART.  The first session was learning to get fluent with ART, and I was fluent with ART subsequent sessions. I urge everyone to have at least two sessions of ART based on my experience. I highly recommend Brooke for treatment of trauma. I cannot thank her enough for having such a beneficial impact on my mental health.” -Doug H.

“When I came to Brooke, I was struggling with intense depression that had plagued me for two years since the dissolution of my relationship with an emotionally abusive partner. I felt totally hopeless. It seemed like I had tried everything – CBT, traditional talk therapy, mindfulness and meditation, breathwork – with little or no improvement. I was desperate to get better, but clearly something was keeping me stuck. The sessions themselves were difficult yet rewarding. The work is extremely targeted yet creative. For me, it wasn’t instant relief. But it didn’t deter Brooke. Each session she tailored the practice to my specific needs and hang ups. She was attuned to when exactly in each session I was getting tripped up and used this concrete evidence to craft a treatment plan in my next sessions. By my third session – whether through practice, time, or simply, the process, – I had a breakthrough. The joy, relief, and empowerment I felt was profound. My mood was improved, and my gratitude amplified. By the strange fates of the universe, I had a chance encounter with my abuser that very same day, and I was able to use my ART training to deal with the situation without being re-traumatized. As an added bonus, the relief and creativity she helped me uncover has also improved my writing!” -Theresa W.