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As one of the first three Certified Daring Way™ Facilitators in the DC area, I have been leading Daring Greatly™ Weekend Intensives since 2014.  I have offered more than 18 intensive workshops and been amazed at the incredible transformation that can occur in just one weekend!  I offer these intensives both in-person and virtually.

Upcoming Groups


Daring Greatly™ Women’s Weekend Intensive

September 20-22, 2024 
December 6-8, 2024

Friday 5-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm
Bethesda, Maryland

For more information, pricing, or to register, please email or call me.


See what others are saying about the Daring Way™:


“The Daring Way intensive with Brooke Bralove is challenging, but most importantly it is an unbelievably effective vehicle for self exploration. Brooke is a masterful facilitator. She creates a safe and nurturing environment where you are encouraged to examine who you are and who you truly want to be. You leave the weekend feeling empowered and armed with the tools necessary to Show Up, Be Seen, and Dare Greatly.”  -Mary J.


“I was told that the Daring Way weekend was going to be life-changing…and even with such high expectations, it blew me away. This weekend proved to be a forum of strength, support and solidarity that taught me how better to “show up” for myself and create a more meaningful life and more authentic relationships. Will cherish this transformative life experience.  Thank you Brooke!”  -Becca C.
“Thank you for an amazing weekend!  I feel energized and hopeful.  This Daring Way™ intensive has given me new ‘tools’ to use on my journey.  Going to that deep place of shame was scary but also a relief… to speak in a group of supportive, empathetic people was extremely helpful.”  -Tina S.
“Brooke was an excellent facilitator who encouraged each of us to explore and confront our own vulnerabilities and shame. She made the effort to make sure each individual got the most out of the experience and provided meaningful feedback.  Although she was the facilitator, she interacted with the group in a way that made her just as much a participant as the rest of us”  -Sarah R.

Contact me to learn more about this work and to schedule your group or weekend intensive.  202.256.4646 or brookebralove@gmail.com.